Finding Zen: In my Hotel Room

I travel for work 50%-60%, this means around 100 hotel nights a year and I can tell you the ins and outs of different brands, different hotel beds, continental breakfasts, hotel proximity to malls and dining. I can honestly say a luxury hotel is really no different than a
Hampton Inn at this point too, it all just blends together and I often find myself confusing my hotel room numbers with a previous stay.

After several years of too many airport drinks, fast food and many varieties of nachos, I am constantly seeking ways to stay healthy on the road and with that I mean both physically and mentally. I miss my family, I miss home cooked meals and I really miss my own bed. This year, fitting in my workouts on the road has gotten easier for me since finding 20-30 minute workouts online are perfect for my constantly fluctuating schedule. IMG_1983What really helped was setting my priorities straight, since I lost my baby weight and made the goal to make 30 my healthiest and best birthday yet. Once I had a goal to focus on and I had made enough progress to see my results, pressing play got easier and I’ve actually found its now more of a habit and easier to keep it up.

As far as eating, convenience is key. I try to find healthy options to go (sushi, salad, vegetarian, etc). One great find is Snap Kitchen ( that I use when I’m in Texas; they have prepared meals ready to go in a fridge and offer options for every dietary need (vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy allergy, and so on) and the portions have been perfect. Taking food to go is a great time-saver and it keeps me from impulsively ordering appetizers and drinks that really stack-on the calories.

Most importantly, I like to find some quiet time to myself. I do have a 9 month old at home so a little quiet moment of zen and catching up on sleep is what makes me such a better, more patient and productive person when I get home to my family. Travel often like me? Definitely do yourself the favor of taking care of yourself!