The White Sofa: Mom’s Best Friend

So you read this title and think I’m crazy …right!? Everyone knows white and kids (or dogs or husbands) don’t go together, but I’m telling you it’s amazing. I thank Ikea for the best $850 I ever spent on furniture, the EKTORP. This baby is a knockoff of the $4500 Pottery Barn slip cover sofa seen in many magazine-worthy living rooms and I feel like I stole it.

Here’s mine, shown in the image above- my husky in the foreground lays on this thing more than I do, my 9 month old pukes on it, spills bottles and has spilled juice on it over and over. My husband and I, also guilty, are constantly eating here in front of the TV. Did I mention I’ve slept on this thing for almost a year straight between pregnancy discomfort where I had to sleep sitting up for months on end and then having a baby that doesn’t like to sleep unless rocked and cuddled every hour. So it should be worn out and beige if not dark brown by now

The secret, you ask? Removable slip covers! I was in awe, finding this off of another mom blog and thinking it was a good price and worth a try. I too, feared the hassle of removing the slipcovers and making time to wash them but after 2-3 times of getting the hang of it I can now remove them in 5 minutes, wash them in 2 loads of laundry (they don’t shrink and you can bleach them or sun bleach them) AND putting them back on I can knock out in 10-15 minutes. I’ve washed these every other month for a year and I took this picture last night.. feeling the love for Ikea right here. Happy mommy.