From Mother to Momprenuer

One of the most important and memorable days of my life was September 25, 2015 when I became a mother to my daughter, Eva Marlene. I had heard stories and been told countless times what it felt like to give birth and what those first moments holding your child would mean to you. It wasn’t until that little creature with big dark eyes was placed on my chest and she looked right into my eyes that I could see a piece of me, I then understood.teampic2.jpg

I certainly didn’t understand how different my life would be either but what surprised me the most was loving it. I didn’t mind not sleeping and I wasn’t scared away from the birth experience by the pain- well maybe scared of breastfeeding as that was truly a painful struggle- but I felt calm and hopeful. I feel more confident all the time that I was meant to do this. So as my journey as a mother blossomed and Eva Marlene, my sweet doughy baby continued to grow..I realized I was growing too…out of my clothes and not losing the weight I had hoped to. I wanted more energy to keep up and I was tired of drinking countless cups of coffee to fight off the exhaustion. So I began a journey with Shakeology nutritional drinks…all through the process of meeting and getting to know Regan Long who is my coach, I started seeing the energy come back and realized I didn’t even need my morning coffee anymore.
I also started working on the 21 day fix workouts, at first doing maybe 1 a week then moving onto 2 or 3 weekly. This combined with the Shakeology allowed me to start losing the weight and feeling human again. I am now 2 months into being a coach myself and helping other women train to be healthier and more confident through the tools that were offered to me. I enjoy doing something for myself and I find helping me first makes me better for Eva. This journey has brought me many new friends and experiences and I look forward to my first coach summit in Nashville this July. It’s amazing you can actually go for free just by reaching their success club- so many amazing perks!