May 10th, 2016

This is my first public before and after pic… 10 days in of doing about 75% effort (I’m serious, I’m not perfect here people!). Naturally, I’ve imbibed – I love a drink after work and I enjoyed a few fried foods over the weekend. Overall though, I’m just amazed at how the 80/20 rule has worked- doing 80% of the right food choices and concentrating 80% on food and 20% on exercise…it’s really worked. This is after 10 days I’m noticeably down a size in my clothes and I’m feeling some serious muscle coming in! 21dayfixafter

Exciting stuff though, I recommend starting with the 21 Day Challenge Pack like I did, it includes the workouts, 1 month of shakeology (you pick the flavor! yummy!), portion cups (I post cheat sheets for this on my nutrition page to make this one complete simple to follow) AND if you sign up as what we call a “discount coach” your Shakeo will come to you at a 25% discount the following month with free shipping (That saves you each month, I can break it down for you, just message me).

I really love the workouts this has though- only 20-30 minutes for most of them so I can squeeze that in on my lunch break ( I have a home office) or after the baby goes down to sleep at night.