Work Travel: Success with Meals on the Road

My job for the past 5 years has involved a large amount of travel, both flying and driving. I find that most salespeople and travelling professionals in general find the same weaknesses: airport food options and alcohol. For those that don’t drink, they usually happen to enjoy the dessert menu.

So, as a salesperson traveling 50-80%, what is it that makes my food choices “work”? I’m not going to say I’m an expert meal planner or bring my portion containers on the road because that’s just not the truth, I’m realistic. I have found the world of travel is finally at a point it is catching up with this trend and most of us can finally find SOMETHING. Now, whether or not we choose to still get that Sbarro’s pizza and Auntie Anne’s while running through Newark airport? That’s on you!

Here are some calorie/content safe items I feel are relatively available:

  1. Replace the chips with popcorn. If at all possible, a low salt and non-flavored variety. I find popcorn is a food that is great for satisfying the act of eating and is a great light snack. The calorie savings can be between 100-300 calories versus chips or snack mix varieties.
  2. Skip the soda for a bubble water. I’m a soda fiend. I have struggled with my addiction to the bubbly stuff for years and have only recently found that a La Croix or lime Perrier satisfy this carbonation itch. Thankfully, airport snack shops just recently added more Perrier selections and even Smart Water Sparkling. I can’t express how huge this is. I HATE water without bubbles so this has saved me gallons of soda purchases in only a few months.
  3. Opt for Shake packets and a Travel Blender/Cup for Breakfast. I could go through the healthy options at the Hampton Inn breakfast buffet which are pretty obvious. But seriously, the fact that it is a buffet makes extra snacking and bad choices far too easy. I would eliminate using it all together if you struggle already with food choices. I rely on my shake for a nutritional energy boost in the morning. Frankly, it also tastes better than plain oatmeal or a hard boiled egg. When you get a shake that comes in travel-friendly packet and have an easy to clean shaker packet- all you really need to add is water and some ice from the ice maker down the hall. Voila, Ready for the road!
  4. Dinner Hacks. Facing the fact that you are on the road, you know dinner with customers, bosses and fun colleagues is where every food plan can go awry. I suggest this: avoid an appetizer, pick one alcoholic beverage to sip on (if you are having one at all) and make sure to get plain proteins (fish fillet, chicken breast, steak) and match it with a veggie versus a starch (eliminate the mashed potatoes, breads, fries and pastas). Always skip dessert and if you must indulge find someone that will share!
  5. Get home and get back on the wagon. No matter how good you are at choosing foods on the road, its rarely as good as home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients and limited processed foods. I would even recommend, after long trips or several weeks going back and forth to do a refresh. If you haven’t tried one, a 3-Day refresh is probably one of the easiest and best things to happen to me to get on track. Day 1 and 2 can be rough coming off sugar and carbs, however, by Day 3 you are actually craving the healthy foods and it makes for an easy transition towards an entirely healthier lifestyle.


I’m driving the point home now, I am by no means perfect and have failed miserably at consistently eating great. I am a firm believer in the 80/20 principle and find I have great results when I allow myself to have some delicious unapologetic meals on the road and not beat myself up. But this only works when you are eating well most of the time.

Please comment/ add-in any tips you’ve come up with on the road.


I am a Quitter.

An amazing fact about being human is we are wired to survive. Our brain tells us to make sure we eat, seek shelter and procreate and the rest of our lives and character is built off what we see, what we want and what we train ourselves to do and think. I find it’s not surprising such a small percentage of the population is happy with their day to day and finding consistent practices to keep up that happiness, it comes with hard work usually to reach that satisfaction.

About 6 months ago, I was on top of my game in my job and my coaching business and I was becoming the success I had on my vision board. I was pleasing my bosses, reaching sales goals, getting Beachbody commission checks to cover my bills and on my way to being a Diamond coach. I was being super mom and watching my checks come in each week with great satisfaction. The funny thing is I was almost there, and I came to that point where I had to take the BIG leap. Gulp.

Steve Harvey famously states that to reach your potential you have to take a leap and the at first your parachute won’t catch you. I was at this moment earlier in 2016, I was scared and tired and I had one very bad day where I failed to reach a goal. I quit, I gave it up out of spite blaming my very bad day on wasted time and a string of excuses. But these past few months I was having more and more very bad days. The truth is that very bad day was supposed to be my big leap and I quit. I;ve spent this past week reflecting on this change and my choice and started to see signs of what I should do now to right it. For one, I’m a huge UFC fan and so my husband and I have watched the entire McGregor/Mayweather press tour in anticipation of the fight in August. The one thing that kept resonating me was Mayweather calling McGregor a quitter over and over again. My thought was, how is he really a quitter? He came back didn’t he? And didn’t Mayweather keep retiring? What made him any different? It made me laugh because this is all chatter. Ultimately, this is just fuel for McGregor and for those that are successful, this is what makes success the greatest victory- overcoming the nay-sayers.


Your eyes and ears will always show you the doubters but it’s what you know inside about yourself that will make you keep going, do what they all won’t. That being said, I’ve decided to take my leap, to let my parachute fail and overcome it. I’m scared, I’m liberated and I’m me. I’m a quitter, I know we’ve all been a quitter and it’s the comeback that you won’t regret.