“Going Live” The Raw Truth and Merit of Facebook’s new Live Video Feature

Right there, friends. That is me at 11:30 am with no make-up, no real preparation, no professional fitness training or licensing. This feature is the craziest thing to hit Facebook in a longtime and it’s addictive, it’s the new Live Video button on Facebook (when you go to post a status, the icon looks like a person with 2 circles around it) . I’m saying that because of the success I’ve found using it with my Beachbody business. I have posted 2 live video feeds in the last month after being dared by my coach and trust me, I had many serious doubts. But to my surprise and delight, they have both been equally…hmm..not great in quality yet both tremendously successful to get customers and interest.

I found out that posting these automatically notifies all your likes/followers/friends right as you are posting it. No one even has to be looking at your timeline or following you directly at that moment to see the notification for these so it is SO much more effective then simple video. I also realized in watching others do these that the raw almost “voyeuristic” appeal is very real (think a stay-at-home-mom talking about meal replacement shakes in the kitchen with 4 screaming kids in the background while she paces the house in a frenzy- NOT your typical fitness buff ad!). I find myself watching these more and more as a sort of reality tv so I certainly see the attraction.

So business is good and entertainment is better than ever. Loving that I can make a side business on my lunch break AND find some hilarious video feeds to enjoy (YouTube live, anyone?), not sure what I’d do without the internet on days like today?!




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