“Going Live” The Raw Truth and Merit of Facebook’s new Live Video Feature

Right there, friends. That is me at 11:30 am with no make-up, no real preparation, no professional fitness training or licensing. This feature is the craziest thing to hit Facebook in a longtime and it’s addictive, it’s the new Live Video button on Facebook (when you go to post a status, the icon looks like a person with 2 circles around it) . I’m saying that because of the success I’ve found using it with my Beachbody business. I have posted 2 live video feeds in the last month after being dared by my coach and trust me, I had many serious doubts. But to my surprise and delight, they have both been equally…hmm..not great in quality yet both tremendously successful to get customers and interest.

I found out that posting these automatically notifies all your likes/followers/friends right as you are posting it. No one even has to be looking at your timeline or following you directly at that moment to see the notification for these so it is SO much more effective then simple video. I also realized in watching others do these that the raw almost “voyeuristic” appeal is very real (think a stay-at-home-mom talking about meal replacement shakes in the kitchen with 4 screaming kids in the background while she paces the house in a frenzy- NOT your typical fitness buff ad!). I find myself watching these more and more as a sort of reality tv so I certainly see the attraction.

So business is good and entertainment is better than ever. Loving that I can make a side business on my lunch break AND find some hilarious video feeds to enjoy (YouTube live, anyone?), not sure what I’d do without the internet on days like today?!




Your Fork: NOT the Enemy

We all have had a moment where we have the fork in our hands looking at a delectable dish, mouthwatering and we are ready to DIG IN. The problem comes with the associated guilt we have either before (while looking through that menu gazing beautifully back at us), during (that moment is now..that fork is your hand ready to go) or even after (you are full, maybe too full…oh maybe you shouldn’t have..).  Why is this?? When did this start exactly? Well according to nutritionist, Lynn Penrose, this is a recent construct of society and in extreme forms it’s actually considered an eating disorder. Penrose states it is in fact a direct creation of the media.

All stemming from labels of food as “good”, “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy” we envision that we are in breach of some white and black eating regimen and shame ourselves. This persists and grows subconsciously in us because those labels continue to surround us in every form- tv, articles, blogs like this, until we are repeating it ourselves. This manifests itself into behaviors around avoiding things when really it’s quite obvious, of COURSE you can eat dessert! All in moderation. Moderation is a scary word for many and it can be a challenge to know what that point is for our own mental health. I think those that suffer with obesity and other eating disorders can benefit from positive reinforcement which, as a woman, I hope to share more often. That positive reinforcement shouldn’t be “no don’t eat that” but “yes, you had a tasty bite (or two or maybe three) but you didn’t eat the whole pie”.

The next time you and your fork are hand-in-hand oh so in love with the plate awaiting you- resist that guilt and let go for a minute. Hey, that’s what exercise is for anyways!


**Credits: http://www.hercampus.com/health/new-eating-disorder-you-might-not-realize-you-have-food-guilt?page=2**

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Make It Work: Working out on the Road

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night and I’m alone in another Hampton Inn. This time I’m in Houston, Texas but I go all over the country for my full time job as a sales representative. Quite frankly, I love what I do but it’s an odd life. I’ve already spent 7 nights in 2 weeks away from home in hotels and rental cars and I quickly scan through my options as each day ends and dinner time approaches. It’s easy to go to a bar and grab a glass of wine or walk across the parking lot to the Jack In The Box for some deep fried tacos but these small decisions are what I’m fighting against.  I’m no longer a travelling bachelorette, I’m a travelling mom and a wife and I am looking at 30 in less than 2 months, I made a conscious decision only recently that I can’t let that define me when I’m on the road 50% of time because I’ve recently gotten a taste of what it feels like to be at least a little self-respecting and eat better since my pregnancy last year.


I can’t tell you the excitement I have when I say I fought the urge to go out tonight and eat and drink until I couldn’t feel feelings- it’s the truth. I ate only half of my oversized ginger chicken at PF Changs and I found that my need to catch up with the last two weeks of Game of Thrones was a great excuse to get on the hotel Precor machine down in the fitness room. For the final 10 minutes of the show, while continuing to watch glued to my phone screen, I was too absorbed to feel the usual anxiety and angst I usually do as I did my crunches and planks. This is a marathon people, not a sprint. I realized that more than ever after facing a rough week recently and eating to my hearts’ content. I am focused and every little bit counts. I am excited to start my new workout program as soon as it comes in the mail (22 Min Hard Corp) but until then… every. little. bit. counts.

“Don’t beat yourself up”…I’m mumbling this to myself as I dream about the chocolate I engorged on only two days ago while on vacation…

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The Me I Want To Be: Dec 31st, 2016

Positive thinking isn’t just a personality trait  or an ideal way to think, Barbara Frederickson of the University of North Carolina recently published a paper on her findings that it increases skills and performance in almost everything and they’ve put this to the test over several years to show that positive thinkers really attain more. Her study showed that negative thoughts narrow your mind and focus your thoughts, this was actually a survival mode for our ancestors who then had to focus on one action in the present. This of course was a very useful instinct when you were faced with escaping a predator thousands of years ago and must save life and limb, where today, that is quite limiting in a professional setting.

Frederickson tested and proved this with a group of people who she divided up, showed half of them negative images of fear and anger and the other half positive images full of joy and contentment and then had a 3rd control group watch neutral images. Following these images, the groups had to answer the question, ” I would like to..” with 20 blank lines. Those that experienced the negative images wrote down significantly less items than the positive group. The positive group had about double the answers of the neutral group…this was just the beginning of Frederickson’s findings. Her theories have been proven again and again that the positivity of a person’s thinking has undoubtedly lead to better outcomes and more gains across multiple scenarios.

Now here I am, seeing this positivity helping others as they gain their success and dreams and I was asked today by my wellness coach- “Where do you want to see  yourself December 31st, 2016?”. My ultimate goals weren’t really on my horizon because I was in the midst of thinking “If I just attain…then I’ll be happy”. That hasn’t quite lead to happiness, I’ve gotten most of those things I’ve said that about. I want to be a more positive person the rest of this year to start. I do have big dreams and big goals and I know these are the key things I want by year’s end:

I want to remove debt from my life and get the financial freedom I’ve been dreaming of. I see the extra income my coach and other friends have made and like them I too want to make that happen.

I want to be comfortable in my own skin and not look at the scale but look at the strength I’ve gained. All those types of clothes I never thought looked good on me, I want to wear those and embrace myself as I am- after all, I have a daughter and they learn from their mothers first and foremost how to be confident and how to be comfortable with their bodies.

Lastly, I want to be grateful. I want to remember that God has given me opportunities and blessings that are abundant and more than enough and I need to be thanking him everyday for those.

What’s your goal(s)? What helps you get positive?


James Clear,  “How Positive Thinking Builds Your Skills, Boosts Your Health, and Improves Your Work” http://jamesclear.com/positive-thinking



From Mother to Momprenuer

One of the most important and memorable days of my life was September 25, 2015 when I became a mother to my daughter, Eva Marlene. I had heard stories and been told countless times what it felt like to give birth and what those first moments holding your child would mean to you. It wasn’t until that little creature with big dark eyes was placed on my chest and she looked right into my eyes that I could see a piece of me, I then understood.teampic2.jpg

I certainly didn’t understand how different my life would be either but what surprised me the most was loving it. I didn’t mind not sleeping and I wasn’t scared away from the birth experience by the pain- well maybe scared of breastfeeding as that was truly a painful struggle- but I felt calm and hopeful. I feel more confident all the time that I was meant to do this. So as my journey as a mother blossomed and Eva Marlene, my sweet doughy baby continued to grow..I realized I was growing too…out of my clothes and not losing the weight I had hoped to. I wanted more energy to keep up and I was tired of drinking countless cups of coffee to fight off the exhaustion. So I began a journey with Shakeology nutritional drinks…all through the process of meeting and getting to know Regan Long who is my coach, I started seeing the energy come back and realized I didn’t even need my morning coffee anymore.
I also started working on the 21 day fix workouts, at first doing maybe 1 a week then moving onto 2 or 3 weekly. This combined with the Shakeology allowed me to start losing the weight and feeling human again. I am now 2 months into being a coach myself and helping other women train to be healthier and more confident through the tools that were offered to me. I enjoy doing something for myself and I find helping me first makes me better for Eva. This journey has brought me many new friends and experiences and I look forward to my first coach summit in Nashville this July. It’s amazing you can actually go for free just by reaching their success club- so many amazing perks!